Outdoors, 2011 - 18

Greer makes use of various black and white media to explore the landscape and botanical and architectonic form. Employing charcoal, gouache, India ink, Flashe paint, and even collage, Greer is agnostic about his media, finding different joys and limitations in each, using their particularities to find new ways of relating to the landscape.

Outdoors situates the artist at home in Queens, finds him roaming to the remote Siskiyou Mountains in Oregon or, notably, to his hometown of South Boston in Virginia. Here he applies his method of serial observation to the natural and built landscape visible from his family's home in Virginia. These loose India ink on paper paintings might almost be stills from a time lapse film, the shadows of a towering oak sweeping over the aging outbuildings.

The emotional valence of these views is never made explicit; it is expressed in the act of returning to the scene.